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Our Policies

Here are some of our more important policies...

These policies are in effect to make sure your dog has the most enjoyable and stress free groom.

No Shows & Cancellations

If no one is home at the time of a scheduled appointment, and there is no way to obtain your dog, a No-Show Fee of 50% of your total bill will be added to your next grooming appointment. A second occurrence will require the No-Show Fee to be paid prior to the next appointment. Two or more No-Show incidents and you may be removed from our clientele. We understand that emergencies do happen! Please call and leave a voicemail in case of emergency, or leave a note on your door.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute cancellations will also incur a Cancellation Fee of 50% of the total bill and will be added to the next grooming session. The same rules apply. Again, we understand Emergencies do happen... however, we are a service and commissioned based business, and we appreciate your respect and courtesy as such.

Shampoos & Styling Products

We use only the best shampoos & products on your pets. We will determine the best shampoo formula according to our assessment of your pet's skin & coat condition. Please let us know if YOU or your pet has any known allergies. If required, Special or Prescription shampoos can also be used if provided by the Client.


For your pets safety and the safety of the pets that follow it is highly recommended that your dog be up to date on all vaccinations. We disinfect the van after each dog and deep clean it every evening, but vaccinations are very important to your dog's and our general health. We reserve the right to refuse any pet that is not up to date on its Rabies Vaccinations. Rabies is a fatal and highly contagious disease with no cure, and there are several documented cases in our area.

Matted Pets
Comfort always comes before style. If your dog is matted to the point that we cannot safely remove the mats, they will be shaved. If the pet can be safely de-matted, an extra fee will be incurred if it takes longer than an average appointment (about an hour depending on breed).

Stress & Aggression
If at any point your dog becomes too stressed or aggressive, the grooming services will be stopped immediately, for the safety of your dog and our stylists. The price will be pro-rated according to the amount of service performed.

Senior or easily stressed pets:  In the case that the grooming session takes longer then an average appointment time (usually an hour depending on breed and style) due to stress or limitations of an older dog, an extra charge will be incurred.

Medical Problems
Grooming can occasionally expose an unknown medical problem, or even aggravate an existing one, which can appear during or after grooming.  Any sign of a potential problem will be brought to your attention following the grooming. If you know of any medical or behavioral issues affecting your pet, it is your responsibility to bring this information to the attention of your stylist. Do not assume we know or will remember from last time.

Returned Checks

There will be a $30 fee for all returned checks, and subsequent payments may be required in cash only.

Refusal of Service

Ultimately, we reserve the right to Refuse services on any pet, for any reason, at any time.


Have Questions? Please visit our FAQ Page!


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