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F. A. Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you've never used Mobile Grooming before, you may have a lot of questions. Hopefully these will help!

How often should I get my dog groomed?

​​Mobile Dog Grooming clients are every 4 to 6 weeks. Some clients prefer more frequently. It depends on your dog, his coat, and your preferences.

When should my puppy start grooming?

​​8 weeks old, but after at least one vet check up & set of shots. (not the shots the breeder gave him... take him to your vet!)

The longer you wait, the more difficult and traumatic it will be for you, your puppy, and your groomer!

Will you come into my home & make a mess?

​​No. All grooming is done inside the van.

​When your Stylist arrives, it is optional whether to invite her inside to discuss your services.

Unless the weather is truly awful, we can just as easily discuss services on the porch or at your doorstep.

Do you need to use my Water or Electricity?

​No. We will never need to use your electricity. We almost never need to use your water.

​The van has a generator and water tanks just like an RV. On very rare occasions, perhaps during our busiest of seasons,

we might ask to use your outside hose to fill up.

I heard you use recycled water. Ew.

​No. The van has a 50 gallon fresh water tank which is filled at the start of every day. Fresh, clean water is used for every dog.

The used soapy water drains out immediately.

Why does Mobile Grooming cost more?

​We provide premium services, every time. We come to your house. We pay special attention to your pet. We complete most services in an hour.

​Due to the premium nature of the business, and the fluctuating cost of fuel, we do employ a Minimum Price per dog.

However... ​When you compare our regular services what your average salon would call "Premium," it's about the same!

Feel free to call around and get prices from your local successful Grooming Salons, but...

​Ask for price for your dog, then include Nail Grinding, Premium Shampoo Upgrades, and "Express" or 1 Hour Rush Service.


Can my children or I come inside the van to help, or to watch?

​Unfortunately, due to space constraints and insurance reasons, we cannot allow anyone inside the van while we are servicing your pet.

​We understand curiosity, and if you like, you may observe quietly from outside the van, from a couple feet away.

(No faces mashed up against the windows! :)

Your children may join you, but we must ask that they be supervised.

​We have also been known to snap some cell phone pictures of the process, if asked nicely!

We do this for the safety of your pet. Dogs have especially short attention spans. Even if it has only been a few minutes away from you,

they will act as if it's been a week! Even though Our Grooming Service is a pleasant experience, there is no one they love more in the

world, than you. Except perhaps, your kids! Dogs love kids and usually react strongly when they see "their" kids. This could cause your

pet to be stressed out, and that is both upsetting and unsafe to your pet and the Stylist.

In extreme cases, we may even stop or refuse services if the "observers" are too distracting to the pet. ​​


Any questions not covered here? Click Here to Email Us.
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